i 2Love of cats was in our family for a long time. In addition to numerous rabbits, fish, dogs, birds and other animals in the house constantly lived cats.
These were the most common cats. Sometimes they were like Siamese, sometimes in Siberians, but mostly to themselves.
It all started with one case. Ask of her husband's permission to another cat, I went with my son to the market. I would love the kitty. It was a cat. But, at the insistence of little son, we brought home the ginger Persian - cat named Yefim. So in 1996, we have in the family appearing first purebred cat. We lovingly called him Fimuley. However, our cat retired a long time and had no idea that I continued to dream of a cat!

And once it became clear that dreams must come true! And then in our family came Ursula. It was with the advent of Ursula Isertificat-fifebecame familiar with such procedures as registration pedigree aktirovka kittens preparation for the exhibition, and more. Thanks Ursula my ideas about feline greatly enhanced! Then I thought about staring deliberate choice of breed. The result - starting in 2009 my thoughts and heart were given to Burmese! Time passed and in 2014 to the Burmese + Burmilla breed joined. Angelic Burmese or Burmese angel - so called Burmilla in our family all my men: her husband and two wonderful sons. And indeed it is. Each of them has its own path and its own interests, but the love of Burmese and Burmilla was one at all!

Our whole family is immensely grateful to the people that make our love held: Kanchenkovoy Irina (European Burmese Cattery "LV * Malsan", Latvia), Bent Aggersbøl (Burmilla Cattery "Misapotanien.dk", Denmark), Louise Mitchell (Burmilla Cattery "Gem's "England). These are our mentors and friends, colleagues and associates.
Special thanks for believing in us and the invaluable assistance of the club chairman "RosKosh" Marina Litvina! At each stage of the development of the nursery she was always there, ready to help in word and deed!
We thank these wonderful people for their trust and the opportunity to realize your dream!

Today we have:
- in the past - feline courses, the first litter and the first victory at exhibitions,
- in the house - a few breeding animals,
- in my head - a clear understanding of what the cat is a world in which science can not do without,
- heart - love and passion, and
- in the future - new knowledge, joy and victory!

In our cattery:
- The basis of the nursery are foreign and domestic manufacturers of the leading kennels "LV * Malsan" (Latvia), "Sabokah" (New Zealand), "Moravanka"sertifikat-wcf(Australia), "Misapotanien.dk" (Denmark), "Gem's" (England).
- Quality of animals has been confirmed at the shows. Our cats are invariably marked by the judges. Among their victories: numerous nominartsii at Best and Best of Best, Best of breed, Best opp.sex, Best male, BIV, victory in WCF-ring and others.
- Each litter of kittens of our breeding gets high marks Judges: Best litter, Best litter of breed and even Best of breed!
- We carefully monitor the health of our animals, conduct examination and laboratory testing!
- House size avoids crowding of animals that helps protect our pets from infectious diseases.
- Clean - the guarantee of health for both kids and adults animals! Therefore, we pay great attention to education and proper hygiene in the home.
- We are against keeping animals in cages! Our Pets live in the house as family members. This contributes to the successful socialization of kittens and maintaining a stable psyche adult animals!
- In the nursery there is no more than one litter at a time, so each kitten gets lots of love and affection!
- Kittens are ready to move into a new home not earlier than 3 months. By this time, they learn good manners are fully vaccinated, degelmintizirovany, vet passport standard pattern.
- Basically kittens are sold under the contract as pets. Kittens for sale in breeding individually or considered only for registered breeders, enjoy on the recommendation.
- Throughout the time of our advice and support to help you solve all the problems in the content and communicating with your pet!

On our site kennel «Chatburdeoa» we smile and hospitality glad to meet all the fans and the beautiful European Burmese & Burmilla!

the owner of the kennel "Chatburdeoa"
Evdokimov Oksana


Prize "Best Individual cattery", 2013



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