бурманские котятаHello!

     I Oksana Evdokimova, the owner of the cattery Burmillas and European burmese "CHATBURDEOA", is pleased to welcome you to our site!

    My cats love me and I can not live without them. This union really wanted to reflect in the name of the kennel. French "chat" - a cat, "bur" - means Burmese / Burmilla, well, "deoa" - this is our cats belonging to each other.
I hope that the journey through the electronic pages of our site will give you a few minutes of pleasant and useful. In fact, besides breeding, breeding animals with high breed qualities and good health, we feel admiration and love for cats Burmese & Burmilla. Who knows, maybe while watching and will arise in your heart to love Burmese or Burmilla. And if this happens, then love will last a lifetime!

    Cattery "Chatburdeoa" was created in 2008 as a nursery Burmese, Abyssinian cats and Scottish. Passed registration in three feline systems: WCF, FIFe and FARUS. However, it gradually became clear that the present and future of the nursery is associated only with the burmilla and european burmese.priz The path to these wonderful cats was difficult. He ran through the judgment of the Persians, plush comfort of Scots, grace and naughtiness of Abyssinia ... But this is only for the time being! Worth to recall the wisdom of the great ancestors and everything fell into place. After all, what was said by Aristotle, Confucius and other sophisticated? The golden mean - that the standard of reasonableness, beauty, truth!

     In the world of feline this standard can rightly be considered burmese! In it all - from appearance to behavior and character traits - a fine line that separates the affection of molestation, the sophistication of the average self-esteem of arrogance.
     Burmilla combines burmese character with an angelic appearance. This burmese angel, delicate appearance which impresses and leaves no one indifferent.
      After all, in essence, what comes into our lives a cat? To remind us of harmony, without which the world loses its harmony.
Intelligent, restrained, balanced and at the same time moving, playful and fun. Piercing, rebellious look, but always respectful towards the person. Yes, and in appearance - so much wild beauty, plastics and appeal do not look like - in no one will find! Burmese always beckons, always keeps a secret. Magic Burmilla mesmerizing.
      Maybe look into the world of these cats, and you want to know their secret?


Participation in the promotion

of cattery "Chatburdeoa"  burmese & burmillas breed

At the end of 2015, December 19, in the shopping center "Korston" was held a seminar on "Kitten - a new member of the family." In the process workshop covered such issues as the choice  how to choose a breed, what to look for when choosing a kitten. The special place occupied by the question of determining the health of the kitten and the correct, comfortable adaptation in the new house.

seminar 1seminar 2

November 29, 2015 in city of Serpukhov in the shopping center "Korston" in the pet shop "Four paws" was held a master class for daily grooming of cats. Our cats acted as models - turned out to be convincing


 drug 0In July-August 2015 was published the next issue of the magazine "FRIEND for cat lovers" №7-8. In the journal  for the first time published an article about a new Russian breed, the BURMILLA. The material was presented our kennel "Chatburdeoa". 

drug 1drug 2drug 3                  

interv 0 In July-August 2015 published a new issue of the magazine "Cats.INFO" - the only Russian magazine for professional breeders. Under the rubric "Round table", published an interview with the leading breeders of Western Europe leader of the theater Bent Aggersbol and Louise Mitchell, and breeders with Russian Olga Zherebtsova and me, Oksana Evdokimova.   

interv 1interv 2 interv 3interv 4

 In August 2015 has published a new directory of cat breeds and the first time it was possible to get acquainted with the breed, the Burmilla. Represented the breed our kennel "Chatburdeoa"

katalog porod








Southern suburbs TV channel in a report about the last exhibition of cats in Serpukhov posted material on the Burmilla

video serp1

video serp2

The official website of the Administration of Serpukhov and the online newspaper OKA-INFO information was posted on the last exhibition and presentations held by three nurseries "CHATBURDEOA", "BURMILIANT" and "WAT ARUN"

statia kocmot

serp 2

April 11, 2015 in Serpukhov was the first international exhibition of cats called "Kosmokot." In this exhibition, there was a presentation of rare breeds Burmilla-Burmese-Bombay. The presentation was accompanied cats showing these rocks and slides with explanatory diagrams. Interest in the presentation was great. The audience asked questions and expressed their gratitude for acquaintance and spent takmi rare for Russian breeds.



April 4, 2015 in the city-hero Tula was held another presentation of two breeds: Burmese and Burmilla. Not just a simple exhibition visitors, but also breeders and even experts have shown great interest in the new breed of Russian Burmilla.



March was the month of the publication of materials about the breed Burmilla on the largest portal about cats CATS-portal MAU.RU. In rarzdele "Catalog of the species," I was first placed the article about the breed Burmilla, standard, color and especially the content of these beautiful cats. In addition, the list of articles appeared my article "Castration / sterilization - to be or not to be?" All publications are accompanied by numerous photographs and help get an idea of the new Russia to breed. http://cat.mau.ru/bml/

portal 1

portal 2

March 14, 2015 in Vologda, in the framework of the international exhibition of cats, presentation of the two breeds BURMESE and BURMILLA. The audience with great interest I have tested the new for Russia Burmilla breed, its origin stories and features.

PP 14-03-2015PPP 14-03-2015

December 6, 2014 at the largest exhibition of the Commonwealth countries held the first presentation of the breed in Russia burmilla! Bent Aggersbol (Denmark) and Louise Mitchell (England) introduced the experts, assistants and all cat lovers with this wonderful breed!

show 6-12-2014

glavnaia show 2

In mid-2014 has been released another directory Champions CATS of RUSSIA. Among the many titled persons was our kitty Ledi Shok, who in this year's World Champion.

katalog WCH 1katalog WCH 2

March 4, 2014 on channel "Moscow" in the talk-show "helpline" there was a transmission on the topic "How to buy a pet over the Internet without cheating". Transfer I was invited as an expert, as a professional breeder. The cost of pet conditions, belonging to any club, part of the breeder in exhibition activities, the status of the parents of the kitten and his littermates, health and behavior of a kitten - that's the main criteria on which to make a choice.

cd 2cd 3

February 2014 has begun with the presentation of the breed in the city of Grodno (Belarus). A large number of Hrodna listened with interest the story about the breed, got acquainted with the basic colors and gladly participated in the quiz, answering questions about the characteristics of the Burmese breed. 

gr-2 4

The end of 2013 was marked by the message about our cattery  in online news, radio news Serpukhov district and article in the newspaper Ecainfo http://oka-info.ru/news/article/19217/

ST 1ST 2

December 2013, Moscow, cattery "CHATBURDEOA" newly organized and conducted the presentation of the Burmese breed with the demonstration of the film, the Burmese different colors and poems about Burmese cats our young lovers rock

gn expFARUS 1

May 2013, St. Petersburg, show-presentation of the breed, the demonstration of the film+Burmese ring (expert T.Komarova)

SP 1SP 2

March 2013, Serpukhov. In the newspaper "OKAINFO" in category "Animals of remarkable people" published an article about burmese and our cattery http://oka-info.ru/news/article/17210/

N 2N 1

March 2013, Serpukhov. In the newspaper, "We and the City" was published an article about our kennel and the delights of the Burmese character 

mig 1mig 2

February 2013, Chernihiv (Ukraine) was organized presentation of breed+specialty show (Belova, Ukraine), at the request of visitors presentation was held twice

chernigov 1chernigov 2

November  2012, the magazine "Friend" in the room dedicated to the European Burmese, has published my article on Burmese breed under the name "Burmese is a miracle!"

drugglavna 1

glavna 2glavna 3

August 2012,  Podolsk. Show-presentation breed+Burmese ring (T.komarova, Russia)

podolsk 00podolsk 00

June 2012, Voronezh. Presentation of the breed, together with expert T.Komarova (Russia)

voronezh 1voronezh 2

April  2012, the magazine "My friend the cat" published my article dealing with the problem of finding an approach to popularizing the breed European Burmese

product 2915tmp42

 March 2012, Ukraine, Krivoy Rog presentation of the film "Burmese - it's a miracle!"

krivoyrog 5krivoyrog 4

February 2012, created the film "Burmese is a miracle!"

Burma is a miracle

January 2012, Moscow, New Manege. Show presentation breed + burmese ring (Massimo Pikardello, Italy)


December 2011, Arkhangelsk. Presentation + burmese breed ring (T.Tarasenko, Belarus)


November 2011, Serpukhov, a series of television reports (shown in three independent, raznosyuzhetnyh video about the nursery) allowed acquaint citizens with burmese cat

v 1

September 2011, Moscow, Crocus-Expo show-presentation burmese breed


October 2010, Sergiev Posad, thanks to television, residents of the city found out about one of the finest breeds of cats - burmese

v 2

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